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social media super acquisitions

Social Media Super-Buys

The Constantly Evolving Social Media Landscape If one truth can be said of social media over the past decade is that using apps and the internet to communicate…
July 26, 2017/by Lewis Husbands
sass model adoption tips article

Five Things To Consider When Switching To SaaS

If your business is considering adopting a Software as a Service subscription model powered by the cloud instead of a traditional distribution model…
July 17, 2017/by Lewis Husbands
fastest tech entrepreneur to make a billion dollars

How Long Did It Take the Richest Tech Tycoons to Make Their First Billion?

Almost a third of the richest 30 people in the world have made their billions in the technology industry. This common denominator isn’t a surprise considering…
June 16, 2017/by Lewis Husbands
World Richest Tech Moguls

The World’s Richest Tech Moguls

The Rich List of Tech Moguls According to Speed of Growth and Net Worth Making a success of yourself in the world of tech can be extremely tough. With…
June 9, 2017/by Lewis Husbands
Funding IT in education sector

Alternative Finance can help education vendors ease the school funding challenge

From enhancing student engagement to improving behaviour management, more educational institutes are embracing modern technology and equipment to enable…
April 27, 2017/by Lewis Husbands

Manage the Pressures of Integrating Technology into Your Business

Integrating new digital systems and technology into a business can be an onerous journey. Whether it’s a simple software update or a full overhaul of…
April 4, 2017/by James Challis
speed of tech obsolescence

The Speed of Obsolescence: How can SMEs keep up with rapidly changing technology?

The digital and technology environment is changing faster than ever before. With brand new technology, particularly hardware, going out of date within…
March 27, 2017/by Lewis Husbands
"I can do it" attitude

The attitude to succeed in financial services

Having a positive attitude is vital to being successful in financial services, something which can be said of many careers, but getting results for your employer…
March 8, 2017/by Lewis Husbands
big data blog article

Big data. Big problem: security and reliability

Data fraud and hacking can be devastating for any business, and they are two issues that are very much a reality with no organisation one hundred per cent…
November 17, 2016/by Lewis Husbands
business automation article

Automation in Business

Is Automation Changing Your Business? Technology has long been the focus innovation for many progressive business leaders across the globe, but throughout…
November 3, 2016/by Lewis Husbands
paul hansen syscap

Syscap appoints new Head of Channel Sales to drive commercial growth

Paul Hansen responsible for non-direct vendor and specialist broker channels Syscap, the UK’s leading IT finance provider, has strengthened its senior…
October 12, 2016/by Lewis Husbands
leasing world winner lockup

Syscap crowned Vendor Specialist of the Year at Leasing World Awards 2016

Syscap’s parent company Wesleyan Bank also named ‘Top Professions Funder’ 5 October 2016 – Syscap has been crowned ‘Vendor Specialist of the…
October 6, 2016/by Lewis Husbands
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